Bring on the Highlights: Adding Dimension to Your Hair Color


We’ve talked about finding the right hair color for you before, and today I’d like to talk about enhancing that hair color. Whether your hair is color-treated or natural, highlights can add interest and dimension that will complement any look.

Popular methods for highlighting include foil wrapping and balayage, and both techniques have their benefits. Basically, foiling is more targeted, while balayage is a freehand technique.

Foil wrapping involves literally wrapping the treated strands of hair to target color in specific areas, which prevents dye from getting on the base color. The result is a bold, deliberate color pattern that can be customized to the individual.

Although sometimes thought of as a new technique, balayage was actually introduced in Paris in the 70’s and later achieved popularity in the 90’s. Its name is French for “to sweep,” and the color is applied freehand using a sweeping motion. The resulting highlights look natural, like a gentle bleach from the sun. The color looks more natural while hair grows out, with roots hidden by a color applied at the base.

In some cases, stylists use both techniques at once to create the desired look – after foils are in place, color can be painted into the remaining hair to create a pattern.

The best thing about highlighting is the individuality factor.  Everyone walks away with a look that is tailored to their individual style, skin tone, and base hair color.

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