Hot Hairstyle Trends for 2018


The new year is about to begin! It’s time to get things going right with a fresh new hairstyle. Whether you like your hair short or long, there is something for everyone in these fun hairstyles trending for 2018!

Accessories are definitely at the top of the list. You’ll want to collect accessories for every outfit and every occasion – and the best part is that they don’t have to be expensive. A simple ribbon or clip can accentuate many 2018 styles for the perfect look. Try headbands, ribbons, clips, bows and lace to dress up every outfit!

Coming in a close second is something for long hair looks – the new twist on ponytails and braids, with combination braid/buns, twisted ponytails, and combination braid/ponytails that all make long hair look great. If you’d rather let it flow, soft waves add body and bounce to long hairstyles.

For short hair, the bob cut is the hottest look for 2018. With or without curls, in a variety of color options, the bob cut highlights your face and flatters any look.

Bangs will be center stage in the new year, and the hottest look is long, “curtain” bangs that frame the face and taper into your hair. This works for long styles, short looks, and curly styles equally well, flattering your face and adding a dramatic effect. Bangs can be thick or thin, choppy or even – however the cut, bangs will be a top feature in 2018’s hot styles.

While the natural look continues to trend from last year, for 2018, curls will come more to the forefront, with bigger, more dramatic curls an important part of the hottest styles. If you have natural curls – accentuate them! If your hair is naturally straight, consider adding a few waves to switch up your look for the new year.

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