Straighten Up with Keratin Treatments


If you love straight hair, but are tired of all the time you spend straightening every morning, or if you have just been fighting the frizz for too long, a keratin treatment may be the solution for you.

Keratin is a protein that binds, relaxes, and smooths hair by strengthening the hair’s structure. Along with other ingredients that straighten hair, keratin treatments result in a silky-smooth, shiny, straight finish that will last from three to six months.

There are many benefits to keratin treatments. After a keratin treatment, your hair will no longer frizz in wet or humid weather. You will spend less time getting ready in the morning without the fuss of blow dryers and straightening irons. Over time, keratin treatments can make your hair healthier, since it revitalizes each individual strand with protein. Keratin treatments can even make color more vibrant, whether your hair is natural or color-treated.

Keratin treatments may be right for you if you have hard to manage, frizzy hair, if you have hair that gets out of control in humid weather, if your hair is dull and needs added shine, or if you want a straight look but are tired of all the effort.

The treatments can be customized to your individual needs if you only want some of the benefits, so if you want to get rid of the frizz but still want a few curls or waves, a customized keratin treatment may be the option for you. Consult with your stylist about whether keratin treatments will work for your hair’s needs. Your stylist will also recommend products to care for your hair after treatment, including the right sulfate-free shampoo for your hair type. Your keratin treatment results will last longer with proper care.

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