Tame the Winter Frizz with Keratin Treatments


If you’re like many women, your hair may be experiencing the “winter blues” – it’s starting to look dry and the frizz may be just about out of control. One great way to tame the frizz and restore a healthy-looking shine is through keratin treatments.

Keratin is a protein that is an essential building block of your hair, nails, and skin. It’s tough and protective, designed to keep structures in place as your hair grows and separates from nutrients that continuously feed cells that stay inside our bodies. In other words, it makes your hair super strong!

Keratin acts as a protective shield for the inner layers of each hair shaft. When hair is healthy, the keratin keeps all the cells in place and makes hair appear shiny and smooth. However, keratin can be damaged by heat – in the winter, this happens by using heated styling tools or through constant exposure to dry indoor air.

If your hair is becoming increasingly frizzy, this is probably due to keratin damage. With the protective layer of keratin depleted, cells stand up, tangle, and appear dry and frizzy.

Here’s where keratin treatments come to the rescue! The treatments infuse keratin into your hair, restoring that protective layer and leaving your hair silky soft and frizz-free. Other products in the treatment straighten your hair, eliminating the need to use hot straightening tools every day (you can customize your treatment if you don’t want your hair completely straight – ask your stylist about the options).

Keratin treatments make your morning routine much faster, reducing blow drying time and making your hair virtually maintenance-free. Eliminating the flatiron and reducing time under the blow dryer is also healthier for your hair, so its condition will improve over time with regular keratin treatments.

Keratin treatments last for about 2 to 2.5 months or longer. You can extend your treatments by waiting before washing just after the treatments and by using a sulfate-free shampoo. Ask your stylist about the best products for your individual hair type.

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