The Perfect Skincare Routine for a Healthy Glow


Everyone loves a professional makeup application. Not only is it relaxing, but you get to walk out of the salon looking like a celebrity! To keep your makeup looking even better, it’s never too late to adopt a daily skincare routine. Clean, healthy skin is the best canvas for the art of makeup, and here are some tips that will help you build an effective daily skincare routine:

First of all, know your skin type. Since all products are designed with a particular skin type in mind, it’s important to identify yours before selecting your beauty supplies. Skin can be dry, oily, normal, combination, or sensitive. Using blotting paper on your face can help you determine your type, based on how much oil is left of the paper.

Ideally, a good skincare routine is done twice daily – in the morning and before bed. The first step in your routine will be cleanser. Choose a gentle, oil-free facial wash formulated for your skin type. Cleansing is important at night to remove makeup, dirt, and environmental pollutants collected throughout the day. In the morning, cleansing removes dead skin and oils collected throughout the night as your skin rejuvenates itself.

The next step is toner. Toners hydrate, balance out your skin’s pH, and sometimes infuse nutrients. Always choose an alcohol-free toner that is formulated for your skin type.

Now that your skin is clean and balanced, serums and anti-aging products are your next step, since these products can penetrate and work more effectively at this point. Serums infuse antioxidants and other nutrients into your skin, and anti-aging formulas with ingredients like peptides can help repair your skin’s structure and improve or prevent fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re unsure about which of these products are best for your individual needs, ask your skincare consultant or stylist for advice.

Moisturizing is the final step, and it’s one of the most important. Keeping your skin hydrated makes it healthy and does wonders to prevent the visible signs of aging (prevention starts as early as your 20’s). Always use a non-greasy moisturizer formulated to your skin type – and choose one that has sunscreen protection. While this may not be enough if you will be outdoors all day (you’ll need to directly apply more sunscreen for that), it’s a great way to protect your face from the damage of UV rays, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop early.

Now that you’ve built a great skincare routine, stick to it! Your skin will thank you for it, and your face will have a fresh, healthy glow all the time that is accentuated by your makeup. There will be less to conceal, since a good skincare routine prevents blemishes, and more to reveal, since healthy skin has a more even, consistent skin tone.

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