The Wave of the Future: Today’s Modern Perm


Big volume is the trend in hair today, with many styles calling for “beach” waves and big curls. If you don’t have the natural curls to pull off the look, you may be considering a perm. Luckily, today’s modern perms are a lot different than the frizzy, over-processed look of the 80’s.

If you’d like to try the wavy look for yourself, the most important first step is a consultation with your stylist. An experienced stylist will be able to customize your perm for just the amount of curl you need. To do this, the rod size is crucial: larger rods will give you more of a relaxed, wavy look, while smaller rods will result in a tighter curl.

Before you go for your consultation, gather a few photos of the look you are going for. With so many models headed down the runway boasting big, beautiful curls, it is easy to find photos of the style you want online, and a visual photo is the easiest way for your stylist to understand the look you want from your perm.

Talk to your stylist about your hair’s condition. If it’s damaged or heavily-processed, you may need to grow it out a bit before getting the perm to get the best results. And because many of today’s curly styles look great with an air-dried finish, perms can reduce the amount of time your hair spends with heated styling tools each day, protecting it from further damage.

Partial perms are the solution for some styles where curls don’t start until mid-length. If you’ve got full body on the top of your hair, this is a great option for adding gentle waves to the bottom. Once again, photos of the style you like are the easiest way to explain to your stylists the results you expect from your new perm.

Caring for your perm is a must. With the right products, your perm will last and your hair will be soft and silky. Your stylist is your best source of advice about products for your specific hair type that can keep your perm looking great.

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