Winter Waxing is Wise


You may think now that beach weather is over with, it’s no longer important to wax. Not true! Even though the holidays are upon us and we’re into winter, it’s a benefit to actually continue to wax year-around.

We’re not just telling you to wax because of all the gorgeous holiday dresses you’ll be wearing or the extra skin you’ll be showing off for New Years. It’s a fact that if you stop waxing in the winter, it wastes all the time you put into waxing over the summer.

Routine waxing helps your body to synchronize into a regular regrowth pattern. It’s true that everyone’s hair grows at different rates, but your hair will maintain a finer texture in between waxing if you continue to wax.

No one likes enduring any type of wax-related pain but if you stop, coming back to a wax routine will be more painful. Like we just said above, continuous waxing helps you to maintain finer hair which will mean less pain every time you wax.

Worried that you won’t be able to show off that newly waxed skin over the holidays? No worries, skin waxed in colder weather recovers faster than it does in the summer. You’ll be looking unforgettable in your holiday attire with sleek and soft skin within hours of getting waxed.

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