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Hello. My name is Lori DiDonato, owner of Untangled Salon, and I would like to personally welcome you to Untangled. We want to thank you for trusting us with your hair. The team and I appreciate you and your business and look forward to a long, beautiful relationship

At Untangled Salon, not only do we want to make your experience a great one, but we also want you to share us with your friends, family and acquaintances. To reward you for assisting us with our mission to help more people feel and look their very best, we will send you $10 in Untangled Beauty Bucks for every referral you send to our salon. Please use this first $10 on your next visit

These beauty bucks are currency at Untangled. You can use them for services or products. Why not use them to try a service you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to? Perhaps a manicure or pedicure? Or a new hair color? Eyebrow waxing? Hair Extensions? I personally, love my HairDreams Hair Extensions and wouldn’t be caught without them. The options are endless. There is no limit to the amount of beauty bucks you can earn! Refer and enjoy

At Untangled Salon, we work together as a team, to not only meet your expectations but also to exceed them. Each team member is an employee of Untangled Salon, not a booth renter or commissioned sub-contractor. This eliminates the competition between stylists that you may find in other salons. Each stylist helps one another to ensure an extraordinary experience for you, our valued client. By working in this type of structured environment, Untangled Salon’s team members are able to draw from each other’s experience, expertise and creativity. I personally believe this business model keeps our clients and employees happy and educated. This business model helps to keep our team inspired and passionate about taking care of you – the reason we do what we do

welcome your suggestions and feedback. If for any reason, you would like to reach out to me personally about your experience at Untangled, you will find my personal cell phone number and email address at the bottom of this letter

All My Best

Lori DiDonato

Lori DiDonato Untangled

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